History - Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass

Kings Pride is redefining what makes a good lawn truly great.

Imagine a totally new Australian soft leaf buffalo grass that is greener for longer, softer than ever, yet even more hard-wearing. A grass that looks better, performs better and allows you more time to enjoy your lawn and your life.



J & S Gardiner Investments Pty Limited is a trust company specifically set up by John and Susan Gardiner to promote their new buffalo variety Kings Pride P.B.R.3430 which they were granted in December, 2007.



John has spent 30 years as turfgrass producer and was the owner/operator of Richmond Turf at Richmond N.S.W. from which he retired in 2006. John was a prominent member of Turf Growers Association of N.S.W.

As an operational farmer John has developed many skills, among them recognising a superior plant when he sees one.

So in 2002 John recognised in Kings Pride a unique shade tolerance quality to Kings Pride, which after much trial work he has taken through the P.B.R. process very successfully.


As the pre-eminent authority on Turfgrasses in Australia Peter commands a high international reputation in all matters of turf.

45 years after being the first full time scientist working in turf in this country he is still actively researching and consulting. His career includes a huge commercial hands-on component of 33 years as a turf producer and plant breeder.

A past president of The International Turfgrass Society is also the recipient of many other honours including Honorary Member of Turf Producers International, their highest honour.

He is a valued member of the Kings Pride Buffalo P.B.R.3430 team.



Kings Prides' all conquering quality in the lawn stakes will reward your choice with happy experiences many times over.