Your Guarantee of Quality - Kings Pride Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass

Kings Pride is redefining what makes a good lawn truly great.

Imagine a totally new Australian soft leaf buffalo grass that is greener for longer, softer than ever, yet even more hard-wearing. A grass that looks better, performs better and allows you more time to enjoy your lawn and your life.

Your Guarantee of Quality

  • Kings Pride has been extensively researched and tested since 2002.
  • Kings Pride is grown under controlled conditions by growers selected for their reputation for excellence.
  • When you purchase Kings Pride you will receive a certificate of authenticity and quality you can rely on.
  • Every roll of Kings Pride you purchase comes with a total satisfaction guarantee.

Recent Testimonials

Thank you Kings Pride Buffalo. The turf is fantastic!
Ash & Ness Eynesbury VIC Nov 2017

"We recently purchased turf from Barron River Lawns in Mareeba, and we are extremely happy with our choice in turf. We spent days researching which turf would be best for our conditions and decided we would go with the Kings Pride turf. We often have people driving past commenting on how luscious our lawn looks!! We love it!"
Michael & Antonija Cairns QLD - Sep 2015
"It's good for the kids to play on, is soft and lush and doesn't seem to need too much watering.... All-in-all we have been very happy with our turf and the whole family continues to enjoy it 1yr on as I'm sure we will for a long time to come."
Maria, Manly Vale NSW

"So far so good. We received 28 inches of rain in 4 weeks which the lawn withstood very well"
Ted, Soldiers Point NSW

"Our backyard lawn has about 2-3 hrs of dappled sun through the day due to 3 large gum trees in the rear. The lawn is very green considering it is late summer and I only give it a drink every 7 to 10 days. Its slightly worn areas are due to heavy traffic from kids and the family dog. This has always repaired itself during the cooler months and coming into spring. We are very pleased with the Kings Pride Buffalo and intend to plant more in the front which takes full afternoon sun in about 4 weeks time."
Matthew, Athelstone SA - Feb 2013

"I am 99.9% happy with Kings Pride"
Ante, Oatley NSW

"Most people can see for themselves why we would recommend it."
Nadene, Rockhampton QLD

"It looks great and the colour of the grass is unbelievable"
Jan, Seven Hills NSW

"Have already recommended this turf due to its resilient qualities"
Brian, Emu Plains NSW

"Fantastic quality grass"
Robert, Ryde NSW

"It has made a big difference to our small yard."
Greg, Wahroonga NSW



We purchased Kings Pride from Turf Solutions. After our renovation last year it was massacred after piles of timber etc . I thought we were going to have to re turf the whole yard. Fertiliser and a sprinkler and the Kings Pride looked fabulous again!!
Ann QLD - Feb 2018


Thought I'd share some before and after photos of my kings pride buffalo
lawn that I recently laid over Christmas. It's come up a treat; absolutely
wrapped with your product.
Aaron - March 2017

"We've a very shady backyard, a dog, three chickens and 3 kids. The Kings Pride handles all this and has sorted out our erosion issues. Great advice and hours of free help from Noosa Turf Solutions."
Angus Noosa QLD - Oct 2015

"Gotta Love the Pride Mate"
Builder, Townsville QLD. Turf Supplied by Paragon Gardens, Kelso QLD - Jan 2016

"We have got 3 kids, 3 very active dogs, 6 free range hens, a trampoline, swing set... and a flying fox that are all on top of the turf all the time. Only now, in the last week we had, after a birthday party with 22 kids has the lawn 'taken a hit'!!"
Josephine, Epping NSW

"Kings Pride reminds me of the old style buffalo turf... it's hardy, retains its green in winter and looks very good when mowed and trimmed."
Brian, Emu Plains NSW

"It lives up to everything it says it will do"
Nadene, Rockhampton QLD

"Now winter has set in, our lawn looks the best of all the other surrounding lawns (except my neighbour who also has Kings Pride)"
John, Claremont Meadows NSW

"We laid the turf on pretty stony soil that had been compacted for years...the turf has taken root pretty well and has allowed that area of our lawn to soak up rain much better"
Tom, Moree NSW


Kings Prides' all conquering quality in the lawn stakes will reward your choice with happy experiences many times over.